title_imageWhy Study Christian Courses?

The way churches and Christian organizations conduct their operations  today increasingly require a well trained human resources base that is well vested in the knowledge and wisdom of God. Our culture is arguably heading more and more in an entertainment oriented and anti-intellectual direction, and this approach is not without its effects on Christianity. Too often Christians are put-off by Christian courses and the deep reflection of the Bible's rich doctrines, yet these are the things that make up the most exciting and rewarding parts of the Christian life.

There is undeniably a doctrinal core to the Christian faith. Christians confess not merely the fact of Christ's death, but that his death was an atonement for sin. True faith, therefore, rests on the foundation of certain doctrinal claims: "I believe that Jesus died for my sins," etc. However, today it is common once again to hear Christians say for example: "I don't get into that theology stuff. I let my pastor handle all that because he went to seminary." Unfortunately, this is not true faith. True Christian faith rests in the finished work of Christ, whereas the person who makes this kind of statement is actually trusting in his or her pastor's faith. If you trust in your pastor's faith, what happens if your pastor runs off with the church secretary? If you leave theology to the so-called experts, how will you know if your church begins to teach false doctrine? (Eph 4:14). How will you share your faith with others? (1 Pet 3:15). What will keep you from joining a cult or a non-Christian religion? By acquiring an understanding of what you believe and why you believe it, you will be able deal with questions such as these.

Starting April 2009, Timeline Trust LLC and its international partners in the US, Canada and UK will provide services to Christians who desire studies in Christian courses under the Timeline Trust’s American Universities on Scholarships program where Christians with interest in studies in Christian disciplines will be assisted to select schools that are likely to admit them and also provide them with higher percentages of scholarships, take lessons and register for the necessary admission test, make timely applications to the school and to apply for visas to study Christian courses in the US, Canada and the UK or undertake the studies online or on correspondent basis.

The Colleges/Universities are mostly independent, coeducational institutions dedicated to the spirit of its Christian ideals and heritage whose mission is to prepare men and women, through a commitment to academic excellence and spiritual vitality at the undergraduate and graduate levels, for a lifetime of learning, leadership and service to the professions, society, church, family, Christian service and personal growth. These Universities exist to promote knowledge, understanding and practice of the Christian faith. Some of these Christian Universities operate as schools without walls and conducts programs through numerous centers around the world, online and by correspondence as well. Some are associated with specific churches and as such you can choose what Christian setting to pursue your studies where as others are non denominational.

Academic offerings include a one-year certificate, two-year Associate degree, three-year diploma, four-year Bachelor's degree, and a Master's degree-all in Religious Studies. Degree choices are limited to bible or bible counseling. Others are the Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Divinity, Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Some of the institutions offer a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and Christian Studies degree, and also the Master of Arts in Theological Studies degree.

You can also pursue other areas of study such as education, business administration, management, etc.

Interested Applicants may visit our office, buy and complete application forms on sale at GH¢100, review the various universities and select the universities the client wishes to consider.

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