Ghana MCAT Registration and School Application

Timeline Trust is Ghana and Africa's best MCAT services provider and provides MCAT services all year round.Your service delivery commences as soon as you make your first payment. To receive the best MCAT Service in Africa please review our service below, Create a Timeline Trust Service Account and use any of the Accepted Payment Methods on your Timeline Trust Service Account to make the payment of GHC100 for the Timeline Trust Application Forms and arrange for MCAT Registration and University Application services OR You may buy and complete the Timeline Trust Application Forms on sale at GH¢100 at our office Locations and arrange for MCAT Registration and University Application services from our offices.

MCAT Registration in Ghana

For MCAT registration, Association of American Medical Colleges charges $435 ($320 Initial Registration fee and $115 International fee). Timeline Trust charges a fee of $30 to make payment of MCAT registration on behalf of clients. MCAT Registration in Ghana can be paid in Ghana Cedi at the exchange rate at the time of registering. MCAT Registration is done on schedule and so you are assured of being registered for your chosen test date.

MCAT Test Dates and Deadline

MCAT test dates vary from one testing country to another. Specific test dates that one can select to take the test will be available during the process of registering..

MCAT Test Centers

The only MCAT test center in Africa is in South Africa. Test takers in Africa can take the MCAT in South Africa, the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Cyprus, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Lebanon, Qatar, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgins Islands. A valid Passport is the acceptable Identifications for taking the MCAT.

University Application Services

The cost of The Timeline Trust University Application service is GH¢799 per school. The amount covers assistance in selection of universities, assistance in completion of application forms, assistance in drafting of required application essays, editing of application essays, assistance with correspondence with the university, visa application support, etc. The Timeline Trust University Application service has not only placed thousands of students into colleges and universities but has aided students gain a total of over two million dollars in scholarships and financial aid since its inception.(Terms and Conditions Apply)

Special Career Counseling Services

Timeline Trust has introduced Career Counseling Services to help students choose and work towards their dream careers. The Service uses modern tools and methods to help students discover their true career out of their Interests, Natural Abilities, Emotions, Motivations and Society's Needs. The Service combines classroom sections, one-on-one sections, computer Interface sections, Seminar Sections, Travel Sections and Role Model Visitation sections to help applicants in choosing and developing their dream careers. The cost of the Special Career Counseling Service for Students who sign up for our Special Discounted Price is GH¢299. The cost of the Special Career Counseling Service for Students who take lessons at Timeline Trust is GH¢399. The cost of the Special Career Counseling Service for people who did not take lessons at Timeline Trust is GH¢499.

Medical School in the United States

We encourage students desirous of a U.S. Medical Education to consider the following before taking the decision to take the MCAT for admission into Medical Schools. Students and Parents should take note that one must have completed a bachelors degree before one can be considered for admission into U.S. Medical Schools. U.S. Medical school admission requirements vary from school to school. In general, most medical schools will expect applicants to have taken the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), and to have completed the following types of courses: One year of biology, One year of physics, One year of English, and Two years of chemistry (through organic chemistry). It is also worth noting that the only test center in Africa is in South Africa and as such students interested in taking the MCAT must be ready to travel to South Africa OR TRAVEL to one of the test centers outside Africa. Lastly, Even when an international students are accepted, they face the daunting task of financing the cost of medical school. Non-US residents/citizens are not eligible for federal or state loan programs, which are used by most US medical students to finance medical school. To be able to get a loan from a US bank or other non-government program, the international student generally must have a co-signer who is a US resident and has assets sufficient to cover the loans if the student should default on the loan. Before most US medical schools will accept an international student, they will try to ensure that the student has the ability to pay for all four years of medical school. This often means that the student will need to have the funds for all four years of medical school placed in an escrow account in the US. Full scholarships for international students at most US medical schools are extremely rare.

Advice for Students Desiring Medical Education Abroad

In view of the possible cost involved in students having to travel abroad to take the MCAT, the cost of Medical Education in North America and the potential difficulties in securing enough Financial Aid for Medical School as an international student, we advice interested applicants who foresee these problems as a barrier to their desire of medical education in North America to visit our office and book appointment to discuss alternatives available for one to attend medical school in North America.Through Timeline Trust's alternative advice many students have successfully enrolled in Medical Schools in North America before subscribing for any of our MCAT Services.

Accra MCAT Registration Office

Timeline Trust, Accra. 104 Otsaame Baako Lane, Pumpkin Ave, Achimota Neoplan, Near Jerusalem Restaurant, Achimota, Accra. You may call 0266-733-700 for directions if you find it difficult locating any of our offices.

Online MCAT Registration Service

Clients who cannot make it to our Office can be provided with MCAT test registration services online. To subscribe for services online please Create a Timeline Trust Service Account, Select Online as your Branch and log on to your Timeline Trust Service Account to access our services from any computer with internet connection.

About the MCAT

The Medical College Admission Test, commonly known as the MCAT, is a computer-based standardized examination for prospective medical students in the United States and Canada. It is designed to assess problem solving, critical thinking, written analysis, and writing skills in addition to knowledge of scientific concepts and principles. Prior to August 19, 2006, the exam was a paper-and-pencil test; since January 27, 2007, however, all administrations of the exam have been computer-based. The exam is offered 25 or more times per year at Prometric centers. The number of administrations may vary each year. Most people who take the MCAT are undergraduates in college in their Junior or Senior year of college before they apply to medical school. Ever since the exam's duration was shortened to 4.5–5 hours, the test may be offered either in the morning or in the afternoon. Some test dates have both morning and afternoon administrations. The test consists of four sections, listed in the order in which they are administered on the day of the exam: Physical Sciences (PS), Verbal Reasoning (VR), Writing Sample (WS) and Biological Sciences (BS). The Verbal Reasoning, Physical Sciences, and Biological Sciences sections are in multiple-choice format. The Writing sample consists of two short essays that are typed into the computer. The passages and questions are predetermined, and thus do not change in difficulty depending on the performance of the test taker. The Physical Sciences section assesses problem-solving ability in general chemistry and physics and the Biological Sciences section evaluates these abilities in the areas of biology and organic chemistry. The Verbal Reasoning section evaluates the ability to understand, evaluate, and apply information and arguments presented in prose style.

If you plan to apply to medical school with a goal to start in the fall of 2016, take note that there will be changes to the MCAT in 2015. The changes to the MCAT exam in 2015 preserve what works about the current exam, eliminate what isn’t working, and further enrich the MCAT exam by giving attention to the concepts tomorrow’s doctors will need. These are the changes: Natural sciences sections of the MCAT2015 exam reflect recent changes in medical education, Addition of the social and behavioral sciences section, Psychological, Social and Biological Foundations of Behavior, recognizes the importance of socio-cultural and behavioral determinants of health and health outcomes and the new Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section reflects the fact that medical schools want well-rounded applicants from a variety of backgrounds.