title_imageDaily Graphic Article on Ghanaian Students in limbo

In a Daily Graphic Report on Thursday, July 10, 2008, the biggest selling Newspaper in Ghana carried a story on the disappointment of many Ghanaian Students whose education have been affected by the activities of fraudulent individuals and organizations. We reproduce below the full Daily Graphic Report and advice you also read the article on International Education Fraud in Ghana for you to be well informed so that you do not become a victim of fraud

Ghanaian students in limbo
Daily Graphic, Thursday, July 10, 2008.
By Sebastian Syme

THE fate of many Ghanaian students learning towards prescribed tests leading to admissions to tertiary institution in the United States of America (USA) is in limbo, following disappearing of the tutors to whom they have paid huge sums of money as tuition fees.

The students, who were being taught in Various parts of Accra for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), the test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), and graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), among other tests, told the Daily Graphic that they paid various sum of money, ranging from GH¢ 300 to GH ¢500 as tuition and registration fees to their tutors, only for them to disappear after payment.

The SAT, TOEFL and GMAT are tests offered to students who intend to pursue higher education on in selected universities in the USA on condition that these international students meet a required pass grade of a university of their choice.

Some of the students who spoke to the Daily Graphic on condition of anonymity said the heads of some of the institutions running such courses tricked them into paying money with theassurance that their participation in the examination qualified them automatically to gain admission to a university of their choice inAmerica.

They noted that what those heads failed to tell them before they parted with money was that varying required marks were set by the universities in the USA, which a candidate must meet to qualify for admission.

They stated that as soon as they paid the money demanded by their various lecturers, they never set eyes on the lecturers again.

Investigation conducted by the Daily Graphic revealed that some of the unscrupulous persons embossed on their banners “Member of College Board” to suggest that their institutions were recognized by the American College Board which has over-sight responsibility for the admission of international students into America universities

Ms Juliet Donkor, a victim of fraud, explained that she was deceived to pay GH¢400 by the head of the institution (whose name she decline to mention), with the assurance of processing her registration for the examination, only for her to lose the money when she discovered that the registration had not been done.

Another victim, Ms Joana Kussi, told the Daily Graphic that she parted with GH¢200 as tuition fee to sit the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) only for her to be disappointed by her tutor, who failed to register her for the examination.

Several other victims who declined to give their identities expressed worry at the incidence of criminals infiltrating the US access education system in the country because of its uncontrolled nature.

When contacted to comment on the issue, the Programmes Director of Timeline Trust Company Limited, Mr. Richard C. Aryee, whose organization is offering tuition to students in such tests, expressed regret at those who had infiltrated the system to destroy the few who were doing genuine work.

He called on students who wanted to write the tests to investigate the background of persons who claimed were into such business to ensure that they were not cheated.

Daily Graphic, Thursday, July 10, 2008.


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