title_imageThe Truth About Scholarships for US Education

For us at Timeline Trust, financing your US Education is the major concern which influences our work and it is the first issue that we would like you to give a great consideration to. Unfortunately this is the area where the competition as well as fraudsters will not give you accurate information. The truth is that without you having the finances to pay for your education or adequate financial aid to cater for the full cost or the difference between the cost of attending college and the partial financial aid that may be awarded to you, your education will be in jeopardy.

In the face of the global economic down turn, the continuous increases in the number of applicants applying for admissions and financial aid leading to stiff competition among applicants, the dwindling availability of financial aid let no one deceive you that you need not to plan towards financing your US Education and we advice you to disregard the statement making the rounds that it is wrong to perceive US education as Expensive and treat it as one of the fraudsters mechanisms to convince you to pay for test prep lessons such SAT/TOEFL only for you to end up to face the hard truth that you may not be able to attend a US college because you were deceived that it was not expensive and that you would get scholarships and financial aid simply by taking a test.

Families are expected to bear as much as they can of their son's or daughter's educational costs. Despite Ghana's outstanding record in winning scholarships, the vast majority of Ghanaian families are paying their own way, and the average cost is about $20,000 per year. Families must start planning for higher education finance when their children are young, because only the most outstanding students, students who have devoted months to planning successful admissions strategies, can hope for full scholarships at either the undergraduate or graduate level. Most scholarships or financial aid are partial awards that cover only a fraction of the total cost, so parents must be prepared to contribute as much as they can. The more financial aid a student needs, the more competitive the admissions process.

For Academic, Athletics, Drama, Music and other Talent Scholarships for Undergraduate and Graduate studies in the United States, Canada and Europe, Students and Parents may buy and complete application forms on sale at GH¢100 and request for services from our Offices:

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