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The University on Scholarship program run by Timeline Trust LLC seeks to connect Senior High School graduates and University graduates to opportunities for Higher Education in Ghana and abroad especially United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, South America and Middle East.The Timeline Trust University on Scholarship placement service has not only placed thousands of students into colleges and universities but has aided students gain a total of about two million dollars in scholarships and financial aid since its inception.

Over the past eight years, the program has assisted many Ghanaian Students to gain admissions with high percentages of Scholarships to attend College or University abroad especially in the United States. Our successes have not come about just by organizing classes or sheer luck but through the strict laid down procedures, extensive research, the support of parents, the discipline and commitment of students to their lessons, and most importantly the experience and competence of our educators who provide quality tuition for the realization of high scores on required admission tests such SAT,TOEFL,GRE,GMAT,IELTS,etc

Since admissions and financial aid decisions can be influenced greatly by admission test scores, the University on Scholarship program advises all applicants to enroll for admission test lessons at our lessons center.There are classroom and online lessons. If you have already taken the required admission test you may submit your test scores for review.

Admission to universities abroad and in Ghana can be very competitive and for financial aid the competition is even keener. Universities especially those in the United States consider many factors in making admissions and financial aid decisions. Chiefly amongst these factors are admission tests score, personality and the Grade Point Average of the applicant.

Students and Parents may visit our office, buy and complete application forms on sale at GH¢100, review the various universities and select the universities the client wishes to consider.

Office Location

104 Otsaame Baako Lane, Pumpkin Ave, Achimota Neoplan, Near Jerusalem Restaurant, Achimota, Accra. You may call 0266-733-700 for directions if you find it difficult locating any of our office.

Accommodation and Online Services

Residential/Accommodation facilities are available for clients to undertake their school application services in Accra. In addition, clients can be provided with school application services online. To subscribe for our online school application services please Create a Timeline Trust Service Account, Select Online as your Branch and log on to your Timeline Trust Service Account to access our services from any computer with internet connection.

Fraud Alert

We take the opportunity of your visit to our website to warn you of the increasing activities of fraudsters who are defrauding students and parents under the claim that they can secure admissions, scholarships and visa for students. These fraudsters’ modus operandi is to take advantage of the lack of information on the limited opportunities that exist for Ghanaians to study abroad on Scholarships. We encourage you to read the FRAUD ALERT page for information on some of the means being employed by fraudsters in international education in Ghana to avoid becoming a victim of these fraudsters.