Information for Parents and Guardians

As parents and guardians you want what’s best for your children and may need the knowledge and experience of a trustworthy organization such as Timeline Trust to assist your wards to believe and achieve their best anywhere in the world.

Timeline Trust Services

Timeline Trust provides (1) education services that assist with tuition, test registration, university application, scholarship application and visa application to pursue Associate, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degree programs anywhere in the world. (2) consultation services that assist with the processes required for nurses and doctors to go through to be licensed to practice in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. (3) Counseling services that assist with preparing students for excellent achievement in higher education and life.

We prepare your ward for university education and life anywhere in the world

Embedded in our program is the counseling and advising for our clients to take a holistic view of preparing for their education and life anywhere in the world including their country of birth. This ensures that our clients’ progress on their education as well as achieve great heights within the shortest time they spend with us. Our program gives you more than just a training to pass an examination: It prepares your wards, builds your wards, and challenges your wards to go a step further than their colleagues elsewhere.

Parents and Guardian Involvement

Parental involvement in the processes has become an imperative. We desire for parents to be well informed of the decisions their wards are making as they prepare for their undergraduate or graduate studies. The contributions of parents in our work ensures that our students will take decisions that meet the expectations of the family.

Financial Responsibilities for Parents and Guardians

Families must start planning for higher education finance when their children are young, because only the most outstanding students, students who have devoted months to planning successful admissions strategies, can hope for full scholarships at either the undergraduate or graduate level. The more financial aid a student needs, the more competitive the admissions process.

Despite Ghana's outstanding record in winning scholarships, the vast majority of Ghanaian families are paying their own way, and the average cost is about $21,000 per year. Most scholarships or financial aid are partial awards that cover only a fraction of the total cost, so parents must be prepared to contribute as much as they can if their wards are not competitive for full scholarships. Families are expected to bear as much as they can of their son's or daughter's educational costs.

Beware of Deception and Fraud

Parents and guardians should be warned that some individuals and organisation parading as consults, international education facilitators, agents, affiliates of universities and partners of tests are wolves in sheep clothes who use very subtle and deceptive ways to defraud parents, guardians and their wards.

Some of these individuals and organization portray the lie that enrolling your wards with them automatically leads to the success of your wards due to their connections in disregard for the hard work and discipline that marks success. Some publish scores of students they did not prepare for the test or only registered to take the test and make false claims as scores from the students they prepared for the test. Others pick on students whose background qualify them for scholarships and would have earned scholarships on their own and exhibit such students as testimony of their success just to deceive the unsuspecting public.

Parents and guardians should always ask of what their payments will be for and ask if such a service should cost so much. Parents should insist that the precise services their wards will receive, their ward’s responsibilities and the outcome are known.