University Application

Timeline Trust provides services that assist clients with application for admissions to study in any university in the world.

University Application fees for Students taking classes at Timeline Trust

Students taking classes for any of the tests we provide tuition can be assisted with the school application to any number of universities at a fee of GH¢600 instead of paying for individual university application activities.

University Application Activities and Fees

The fee for Assistance in Filling of Application Form for admissions is GH¢100 per Application Form. The fee for Assistance in drafting and editing of Application Essay (Common Application Essay, Statement of Purpose, Letters of Intent, academic writing, Motivations Letter, or any application essay) is GH¢150 per essay. The fee for Proof Reading and Minor Editing of any Application Essay is GH¢50.

The fee for researching and building the data on the admission requirements, deadline, costs and scholarship is GH¢50 per university. The fee for requesting Timeline Trust to research and come up with options of universities meeting your academic and financial background is GH¢200 per university.

Application Fees of Selected Universities

Until a client has selected a university to apply to, we cannot determine if the university the client has selected requires application fees. Some universities do not charge application fees whereas others charge application fees which may range from as low as $20 or less and as high as $250 or more.

Scholarship and Visa Application

Timeline Trust does not charge a fee for the assistance in applying for scholarships and visas. We offer assistance with scholarship and visa application to clients who have taken classes for tests and have signed up for the university application services.