Study in Ghana Opportunities

Ghanaian universities offer rare opportunities for Ghanaian students and international students. A citizen of Ghana is most likely to pay less than $600 per year to experience one of the best education in Ghanaian public universities if one has access to good career counseling and strong self motivation. Private Universities and Colleges also provide great learning opportunities at moderate cost. Despite some difficulties with tertiary education in Ghana we strongly recommend students in Ghana to have interest in Universities and Colleges in Ghana.

There are many international students taking their education in universities in Ghana and you will have the opportunity to network with many African students from different parts of the continent as well as students from Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia. The universities in Ghana are highly recognized institutions of learning in the world and one can further his or her education abroad upon completion of his or her course of study in Ghana.

We advice Ghanaian students to disregard the negative statements about Ghanaian Universities and apply to at least one tertiary institution in Ghana where they have chances of being admitted even if they are so much bent on studying abroad. It is better to be enrolled in a university in Ghana than to sit at home. Many great Ghanaian personalities such President J.E. Mills, Kofi Annan, President Nana Akuffo Addo,the many Ghanaian professors teaching abroad and in Ghana all attended higher institutions of learning in Ghana

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