Study in Poland Opportunities


Polish universities and colleges are systematically expanding their didactic offer, modernize teaching programs and develop new areas of academic research. Poland, the emerging popular international students' destination abroad is providing internationally recognized degrees at affordable costs. In order to attract more international students, Polish Universities are now increasingly using English as the medium of instruction especially in areas like management, engineering, and political sciences.


Admission requirements for Poland may vary from one university to another. But, in general foreign applicants seeking admission to the universities of Poland must meet the requirements laid down by Polish law and the University's regulations. Meeting the standard of qualifications is normally required to be admitted to universities of Poland. Your qualification must be analogous to the Polish certificates (certificate of secondary education, Bachelor's or Master's degrees).

For getting admitted in Polish universities a student must submit an application for enrolment, an application form including curriculum vitae and a completed questionnaire, a medical certificate confirming the applicant's physical condition is adequate for studying in a given major, proofs of completion of a preparatory course as designated by the Ministry of Education or confirmation from course provider or the university that the applicant's background and Polish language ability are sufficient to study in Poland.

Foreign students who do not speak Polish must enroll Polish Language courses.

Applicants must enclose the latest health certificate. For preparatory courses a student must present a General Certificate of Education A- Level or a photocopy. Applicants for postgraduate studies should enclose M. A. (M. Sc.) degree certificate or a photocopy.

In some of the Universities course are also available for foreign students in Foreign Languages.


Students must obtain a Polish visa in order to enter and stay in Poland legally. Visa approval to access Poland gives right of stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland only. Students intending to study in Polish University needs below mentioned documents to obtain the polish student visa.

Documents Required

  1. Passport (must be valid for 3 months after planned departure from Poland).
  2. One passport-size photo.
  3. Completed application form.
  4. Evidence of immigration status in country of residence, endorsed in current or previous passport (if applicable).
  5. Fee, payable by cash/postal order.
  6. Accommodation booking or invitation from friends or family in Poland.
  7. An official letter from a college or university.
  8. Transport documentation, such as a rail or aeroplane ticket.

Applications submitted without these requirements will not be considered by the Consular offices and will be returned to the applicant. Holders of Polish visa are still subject to immigration control at the Polish border and are not guaranteed entry. All visitors must possess sufficient funds to cover the cost of their stay.


Scholarships and Financial aid are available for International Students in Poland. To support your studies in Poland many grants and scholarships are available from different organizations. These grants and scholarships can support you financially.

In Poland, the students who have full time jobs are not eligible for the scholarships or any financial aid in most cases. However there are lots of scholarship opportunities available in Poland.

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