Study in Sweden Opportunities


Sweden is emerging as the popular destination for international students because of its long and proud history of academic excellence along with its participatory and research based education system. The North European country with safe and modern environment also provides the high standard of learning atmosphere for international student. Swedish government is positive towards multicultural student body and takes it as the invaluable assets for the development of nation from every aspect.

The free education for all, availability of wide range of scholarship and flexible policy of Swedish government to allow all the students to work for the support of their living in Sweden made it even more attractive destination for international students. Universities in Sweden offer wide range of educational programs of (around 500) in English language and these universities are renowned worldwide for the encouragement they provide to their students to think every matter critically with personal initiatives.


Admission Requirements
Admission requirements generally vary according to the level of study and programs selected.

Under Graduate Level
There is a wide range of single subject but very limited number of study programs available to international students intending to study in this level. That's why very limited international students apply in Sweden for Undergraduate level. For admission in undergraduate level, student must meet the general as well as specific requirements of entry.

General Requirements

  1. Student must have an internationally recognized higher secondary level education or must have equivalent recognized qualifications.
  2. Student must show proficiency in English by means of internationally recognized English tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

Post Graduate Level
General Requirements
Admission requirements for master programs are:

  1. Student must have an internationally recognized bachelor's degree or must have equivalent recognized qualifications.
  2. Same as for undergraduate level, student must show proficiency in English by means of internationally recognized English test like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

Required Admission Documents
Student must submit:

  1. Academic certificates to show that their qualification is eligible for their further studies.
  2. Bio-Data including personal information, academic qualification, working experiences and references.
  3. Two letters of recommendation in English from their teachers regarding their past studies.


  1. The student intending to study in any educational institutions including universities and colleges in Sweden for longer than 3 months period must have a residence permit except for nationals of Nordic countries.
  2. The requirement of visa and residence permit for students depends upon their nationality.

Documentation Required to Submit the Application for Swedish Student Visa

  1. A copy of valid passport showing the identity of the student.
  2. A certificate showing that the student is enrolled for the full time study.
  3. A certificates showing that the student has comprehensive health insurance that is valid in Sweden.
  4. A certificate from a bank confirming that student have enough fund to support their stay in Sweden or the necessary documents that show that student have received a scholarship, study grant or any other type of financial aid.


Scholarships and Financial aid are available for International Students in Sweden. Tuition Fee is free in Sweden for every students, either they are from Sweden or they are the International Students. But still student need to arrange the budget for living to study in Sweden. Most of the international students manage living budget from financial aid and scholarships because wide range of scholarships and financial aid programs are available for international students intending to study in Sweden. However, the competition is keen to be granted scholarships or financial aid. Especially, scholarships are available for Masters Level (Post Graduate) studies and Research Programs. Every year, the number of scholarships granted varies. However, Swedish government administers over 500 scholarships for students and researchers studying in Swedish Universities every year.

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