Study in Switzerland Opportunities


Due to quality education students at Swiss universities is constantly increasing. For foreign students it is not easily possible to be admitted to universities of Switzerland, despite the increasing international mobility. Getting opportunity to study in Switzerland makes your future safe. Foreign students should also be aware that they will be asked to pay somewhat higher fees should they be accepted on a course.

Application procedure
Interested applicants advised to submit their application materials at least two months before a particular program starts. All applications are reviewed by our admission committee. The admission decision will be made on a comprehensive evaluation of the applicants after the interview and is non-recourse. Application Checklist/ Fully completed Application Form 6, passport photos, Copy of Degree/Diploma and Scores Copy of TOEFL Score.

Medical Exam
According to the Swiss authority, all the foreign applicants should show a medical exam result done in recent three months. If the applicant is under medication treatment or medication, a medical health report must be issued by the doctor for the insurance registration in Switzerland.


Scholarships and Financial aid are available for International Students in Switzerland. In Switzerland, International students are generally not eligible for any financial support by the universities during the first academic years. However, students who have completed one academic year in Swiss Universities are awarded with Partial or full scholarships excellent notes.

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