Study in Spain Opportunities


Spain is a great country to study in and is also the nation that has produced some of the best artists like Picasso and Miro to name but a few. Ernest Hemingway lived here for quite some time and many expatriates from around the world have chosen to make Spain the choice of residence. Spain has a very good real estate market, an historic culture, great food, profound and of course some of the best beaches and islands in the world, Spain is well worth considering as an excellent study abroad destination.

To improve the range of opportunities for international students and to meet their interests, Spanish universities and colleges have begun to introduce courses with international perspectives.

English is the language of instruction for the first few semesters in these international courses. Thus the international students can conveniently learn Spanish without their studies getting hampered.


To get admission in universities or colleges of Spain, students must expect to be asked to provide following information:

  1. Student's academic performance (Grade Point Average, scholarships, etc...
  2. Student's selling points/talents (what students think about him/herself
  3. Letters of recommendation (what other's think about the student)
  4. Student's hobbies and interests, knowledge of current events in Spain, resume/curriculum-vitae and official college transcript to date, etc...

As English is the language of instruction at all Irish Institutions of higher education, students must demonstrate a proficiency in English to be accepted for a third level program.


Those studying longer than 90 days may require a student visa.

Documents Required
The following may be required:

  1. Completed application form.
  2. 4 passport-size photos.
  3. Valid passport (For a minimum of 180 days prior to your arrival in Spain)
  4. Return travel tickets or itinerary and proof of payment for tickets.
    Proof of purpose of visit.
  5. Evidence of sufficient funds for stay.
  6. Proof of attendance at educational institute
  7. Medical certificate from physician
  8. Police clearance certificates (for any countries of residence during the previous 5 years)


Scholarships and Financial aid are available for International Students in Spain. Studying abroad in Spain may be partially or fully covered by the terms of your financial aid package. If the study abroad program you have chosen is directly associated with your home campus, you may have a better chance of having your financial aid money cover your program costs in Spain. However, you can't assume that financial aid will apply; even if it does, there may be limits as to what it covers.

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